g studio branding agency

always explore new territory

In the present economic climate there is less room than ever for below par work. There is always someone willing to work smarter, longer and harder than you. Soon, there will be AI and nimble-minded robots that can do exactly what you do and won't be demanding an indoor Ficus plant or a cappuccino maker to improve office morale.

So, to be blunt, if you want to keep a job or a contract or a client, you need to 'bring it.' Daily. You need to put your head down and deliver the goods. Shirking and short cuts just won't cut it. Top tier clients and corporates demand excellence – as should you. Both of yourself and of others.

A great part of producing quality work is nurturing habits of intellectual exploration, innovation and setting creative challenges for oneself.

However, instead of feeling pressurised, this will hopefully make your pursuit of excellence more fun. And stimulating. If keeping on trend –or better yet, staying one step ahead of your competitors – is a gratifying and stimulating process, you'll do more to cultivate it. Right?

Make sure you learn something new every day. Whether it's a time management tool, an insight as to how to facilitate better internal communication between staff members, or a fantastic social media hack, never stop learning or investigating your options.

Novelty keeps us young and gets us excited. Who wouldn't want more of that in their lives?

got game? let's play!

An element of playfulness makes hard work easier. It also means you keep perspective when times are stressful. Being playful in a business environment does not mean you lack professionalism or commitment, but rather it means you have the courage to think as children do, with their boundless energy, creativity and imagination.

Playing with ideas and as a collaborative process is particularly satisfying, because in this way we learn from others and find inspiration through sharing ideas.

That's what we're really passionate about. So if you are too, get in touch. Let's develop game plans. Let's be game changers. Let's up our game. Together.

demand excellence

At G Studio Branding Agency we see the demand for excellence as an opportunity, not a threat. We like a challenge, and we're not afraid of hard work. You shouldn't be either. Hard work can be incredibly satisfying. The ability to commit, persevere and try, try again until the end product meets expectation and delivers is quite simply put, wonderful.

Start by setting the intention. And take it from there.

grow taller poppies

Have you heard of 'tall poppy syndrome?' It refers to society's tendency to cut down those who dare to rise higher; those who won't settle for being mediocre. There's a knee jerk reaction in a corporate environment, on a school playground, or amongst our peers to 'cut that upstart down to size.'

We'd like to suggest that instead we cultivate those poppies that want to grow taller. Let's encourage them. Let's not set limits or create limitations.

Let's see where they lead us. At least we'll be looking up.